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First, we were selected to be one of two fiction novels at the Stanley Hotel Chrysalis Gift Shop in Estes Park, Colorado.  The honor goes to book #4, RIP, in our Young Adult Mystery Time Travel series.

More good things happened this summer so far.  

New in July & August, 2014!

Earlier in 2014!

In the Colorado Humanities 2014 Book Awards Cries In The Night has been named a of three!

in the 2013
Best Indie Book Award competition. There were 1,000's of entries in these categories and I'm proud and appreciative of the recognition of the books.

OMG, book #1 in the YA Time Travel Mystery Series CUL8R (See you later) received a 2013 Beverly Hills Book Awards Finalist Award.


In the Readers' Favorite 2013 Book Awards Book #3, BRB [Be Right Back] placed #1 and book #1 of the Romantic Suspense series Denver After Dark , AFTER MIDNIGHT, place 3rd.  Thousands of books from all over the world were submitted.  The awards [shown below] were handed out in Miami in November.  The books were displayed as art of the largest book show in the United States in downtown Miami.



The Time Travel Mystery Series, CUL8R {See you later} has its own website at

There are currently three books in the series published , OMG, BRB, BION and RIP.

The YA 
Time Travelers go back to 1966, 1980, 1927 and 1911 to change the past and save the future.




They tell writers to never switch genres because you'll lose you fans and readers and that is probably true.  I've been working hard for about 9 months now building the bridge from my romance novels to the women's fiction to my screenplays and now to both a suspense and a young adult time travel mystery.  The suspense is After Midnight and is book #1 of the Denver After Dark suspense book series. The time travel is OMG and is book #1 of the CUL8R Time Travel Mystery Series I'm writing with my husband Bob.

In my several decades of fiction books and screenplays I've written romance novels and romance books beyond the point where I could conceive of another way to explain erections and hard nipples.

Don't get me wrong, writing a romance novel or a romance book was a lot of fun.  And I supported romance writers nationally and romance writers in Colorado.  I was a board member of the Romance Writers of America and held office locally at the Colorado Romance Writer organization.  I was all about romance, romance writers and romance novels and romance books. Nobody does romance better. 

Then I switched to women's fiction.   Even stronger women roles than in my romance novels but with women's fiction the goal wasn't the sex.  The goal was the success of the woman in the story.  Strong women roles are what set my women's fiction books apart.  The women were never a bitch but the man knew he had met his match in my women's fiction books.  And in the women's fiction books I got to try and win awards for writing a wonderful three part series.  The writing of a women's fiction book series was so much fun my two current projects are both series.  And my women's fiction characters get own businesses, railroads and deal in high finance all with a sprinkling of sex in between the profit and loss statements and government reports and war stories.  Women's fiction was what got me interested in screenplays.  Another media yes.  But more character and plot development, more awards only this time really cool film festival awards.  Getting to write for Shirley MacLaine or providing notes for a Mel Gibson script.  Oh those were the days.  But the chances of regularly getting scripts through to the start of principal photography were few and far between.

So I thought about writing another  romance novel or maybe another woman's fiction and then it hit me.   Why not roll everything I've learned in 23 romance and women's fiction books and nearly 20 screenplays into adult suspense and young adult time travel. 

Writing an adult suspense fiction book series was something I could prepare for well.  Police citizen academies and fire department citizen academies and ride Shirley MacLean at all hours of the day and night helped me understand all sides of what  cop, fireman and paramedic face every day.  

The really interesting times were when the cops, fireman and paramedics got together to compare notes and to work together as well.  I imagined what it would be like if they all were in the same family.  I spent several years thinking about the possible suspense book series that might be possible.  
I plotted several books with the cop in the lead, then the fireman in the lead and then the paramedic in the lead.  What a really cool suspense book series this will make.  But hat have three different suspense book series?

My idea was validated with the first Blue Bloods episode in September, 2010.  By the time Hollywood figured it out I had one hell of a better idea.  What a suspense book series it would be with a cop, a fireman and paramedic.  Anyone by itself would make a great suspense book series just like on TV in 2010.  In October, 2012, the Denver After Dark suspense book series concept came to life [and death actually] was inaugurated with After Midnight.  The cop became the hero. The suspense book series starts with a Denver Police ride along that went terribly wrong.  In the summer of 2013,  the suspense book series will be joined by the fireman.  Suspense book series.  Love the way it sounds.  After midnight has received over 4 stars ratings on average thus far and was accepted in both the Amazon Breakthrough Awards and Colorado Book Awards for 2013.  This is good stuff.  It is a good suspense book series.

Finally, there is the CUL8R time travel mystery series and the details of that mystery book series is at  The first book is OMG and the second book is BRB.  The time travel book series has some cool titles and even cooler teens as lead characters.  This first book in the time travel mystery series has gotten all 5 start ratings so far!

There is one more book Bob and I completed in 2012.  Life's What Happens takes place mainly in 1969 to mid 1970 at Kent State University.  Can you say main stream fiction? This is main stream fiction.  And John Lennon's words really sum up what this main stream book is all about.  The reviews have averaged a little better than 4 stars and the words offered by the readers are even better.  

Author Bio of Bob Kat

(Collaborative Authors Bob Wernly and Kathy Clark)

     Kathy Clark has had 23 romance/women’s fiction novels published by several publishers, including Harlequin and Dell which have sold more than 3 million copies globally in at least 11 languages. Her books have appeared on the New York Times and USA Today Best Sellers lists and she has received numerous industry awards including Romantic Times Readers’ Choice Awards.

      In 2012, she branched out into suspense, mainstream and young adult genres. She has enjoyed co-writing these latest books with her husband Bob Wernly under the pen name of Bob Kat. Kathy’s 24th book is After Midnight, a suspense set in Denver and the first of the trilogy Denver After Dark. It has been well received and has many 4 and 5 star reviews. The trailer can be found from my website at or directly at

     Bob Kat became active in 2012 with two projects published, starting with the mainstream novel, Life’s What Happens, a fictionalized treatment of the 1969 to early 1970 anti-war movement as it played out at Kent State University. Bob Wernly was there, and the characters and thoughtful telling of the story provides a fascinating insight into the era. The reviews have been amazing. The direct link to the trailer is

     Bob and Kathy have decided to take their newly launched co-writing career in a different direction, writing for young adults with stories drawn from real-life of teen suicide, bullying, runaways, abuse and drugs. They hope to counteract the caustic nature of television and film content and help this age group maintain a positive healthy outlook as they mature into their twenties. The series website is Book #1, OMG was published in eBook and paperback in time for Christmas. No zombies or vampires were killed in the making of the series!

Website Outline of Content For Reference
Romance Novel - Another Sunny Day
Romance Novel - Born to be Wild
Romance Novel - Cold Feet, Warm Hearts
Romance Novel - Golden Days
Romance Novel - No Satisfaction
Romance Novel - Passion and Possession
Romance Novel - A Private Affair
Romance Novel - Risky Business
Romance Novel - Starry Nights
Romance Novel - Tempting Fate
Romance Novel Series - The Day Sisters
Womens Fiction - Angel of Mercy
Womens Fiction - Cody’s Last Stand
Womens Fiction - Count Your Blessings
Womens Fiction - Goodbye, Desperado
Womens Fiction - Kissed By an Angle
Womens Fiction - Phantom Angel
Womens Fiction - Sight Unseen
Womens Fiction - Starting Over
Womens Fiction - Stroke of Midnight
Womens Fiction - Sweet Anticipation
Womens Fiction - Teacher’s Pet
Womens Fiction Series - Angel Series
Screenplay - Corner Of The Sky
Screenplay - Guns And Roses  
Screenplay - Life’s What Happens
Screenplay - Lady Killer
Screenplay - Matchless
Screenplay - Run For The Border
Screenplay - The Prize
Screenplay - When Lightning Strikes  
Award won - New Your Times Best Selling
Award won - USA Today Recommended
Award won - Houston Film Festival
Award won - Charleston Film Festival
Award won - Chesterfield Film Festival
Award won - Hollywood film festival
Organization - Romance Writers of America
Organization - Colorado Romance Writers
Organization - Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers
Organization - Mystery Writers of America
Organization  - Sisters in Crime
Published by Dell
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Kathy Clark, a.k.a. Bob Kat along with husband Bob Wernly [Co-Writer, Publicist, Graphics Designer]

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What do suspense authors need?  Balance.  Sense of humor.  Good  people in their lives.  

Robin Williams was that kind of person for us.  
RIP Robin. God blessed us through you and your talent. 

We had but a few minutes to chat that night but he made them worth while.

Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

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