Think back about any day at work. Whether as the owner, the boss, or the lowest level employee, everyone shares one common experience. Problems.

          Problems can be minor, some time consuming, some expensive to fix, or even more expensive to not fix. The good news is…There are only two types of problems in the world. And there are but three strategies used to deal with all problems. And, there are only six types of reasons problems happen. The bad news is…the greatest cause category, “people”, can be the most frustrating and difficult to get to the root cause, let alone the variety of options open to actually correct the “people” issues.

          Faster, Better, Cheaper, Finding the Root Causes in Your World is an easy-to-follow guide based on over forty years of experience and education in multiple fields. The applications, examples, and lessons learned cover the service, medical, manufacturing, logistics and financial sectors and organization sizes from twenty to twenty thousand. With an eye toward practicality, driving the most important organizational key performance indicators and deadlines, I have laid out the simple concepts and tools suitable for the leadership and their organizations to adopt, deploy, and employ on their toughest issues. 

         About me.....  I've been through the organizational and process changes required and helped my organization win the Deming Prize ( Japan's #1 prize for business in quality and profitability ), served as a MBNQA Examiner with multiple companies and led several organizations to significant financial betterment with these tools and techniques.  


Bob Wernly's book to help you to get to the root causes on your life