A second non-fiction novel for us, this one tracking the activities of the last 18 months on helping my mother secure quality housing and care in her late 80's. I didn't want to waste the lessons learned.

Social Security? Long term care insurance? Medicare? Assisted Living? Downsizing? Scammers? 
This book has the answers to all your questions…even before you ask. What you don’t know about searching for benefits can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Whether you’re approaching your own golden years or if you are a caregiver for your parents or grandparents, you need to be informed of your options. Knowledge is power. Old age is not for the weak-hearted. Get a head-start on the process of living well. Learn from someone who has already discovered the roadblocks and paved the way for your success.

It will be on Amazon and all other ebook and paperback channels  y the end of April!

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