Aspen Meadow

Fairy Dance

Grandma's Garden

I do all the hard work.  Right now I’m in my blue period.  My paintings have nuances of Monet’s Water Lilies with a little Pollock’s Convergence.  Some people think they look like bluebonnets.  I lived in Texas for a while with my mother, and we both thought they were beautiful, so maybe they were an influence.  There’s a small fish pond in front of my house that also gives me inspiration.  There’s nothing like lying in the sun or taking a quick swim to recharge my creative juices.  Sometimes I get a little lazy, and my assistant will ring the doorbell to speed up my little feet.

I hope you enjoy my latest creations.  Like Burger King, special orders don’t upset me, so let me know if you’d like me to a paint something to fit your personal décor.  Each painting is unique and original.  No two are alike.  And each is personally autographed by me.


My First Creations


My mother said to me, 'If you are a soldier, you will become a general. If you are a monk, you will become the Pope.' Instead, I was a painter, and became Picasso.

Pablo Picasso

I discovered my talent late in life.  At 12 years old, most people thought I was over the hill.  That’s older even than Grandma Moses. 

It started as a lucky accident.  When my assistant leaves, she locks me in the laundry room.  I admit that I have a little anxiety when she’s gone, and running around the room makes me feel better.  One day when she went to a movie (without me!) I was doing my laps when I stepped in my food dish.  I didn’t let a little Cesar’s Grilled Chicken on my feet slow me down, and I kept jogging, leaving tiny footprints all over the floor and even a little on the walls and the front of the washer.

When my assistant came home, I was proud to show her my handiwork.  She said, “Oh no, what have you done?”  But I’m sure she meant, “Wow! You’re amazing.”  She must have been impressed because she bought some canvas boards and paint…a star was born!

My assistant sets it all up for me.  She spreads a piece of plastic, then places the canvas boards out with a little tray of paint in the middle.  She also picks out the colors because, hey, I’m a dog, and I can see only shades of blue, gray, and yellow!

Oh, and because my adopted sister was a rescue, I donate a percentage of all proceeds from the sales of my paintings to Paws and Hooves Animal Rescue in Colorado Springs, CO.

Each painting is 12" x 12".  They are not framed, but do have a hanger attached to the back. They are each priced at $35.00 and available on ETSY.