Luke Calloway is a turkey farmer in the heartland of Iowa.  He has survived the loss of his wife, and is learning to cope with a drastic change of career (from big city dentist to the owner of Wishbone Acres in the small town of Greenhaven) while raising three rambunctious sons.  He's doing an admirable job and isn't looking for love.   But that's exactly what he finds when Darcy Carson returns to town. 

Darcy Carson, a successful Los Angeles television reporter, had fled from Iowa as soon as she was able.  Small towns held no appeal for her, but the glamour and excitement of Southern California certainly did.  Following a suspension by the station where she's employed, she returns home, telling herself that she'll only stay until she wins her court case and can return to work.

But Darcy hasn't planned on meeting Luke.  She fights her attraction to him, telling herself he represents everything she ran away from.  Luke, too, fights his growing love for Darcy.  He knows he's only a temporary stopover in her life, that soon she'll return to California, breaking his heart, and those of his sons.

Neither Luke nor Darcy are prepared for the way love sweeps into their lives, changing everything.

There was a dead man in a pond. Nicki "saw" it over and over, both when she was awake and asleep. But she didn't know who it was, where the pond was or even if it was real or just a nightmare. The mud on her shoes and her clothes made her wonder if she had actually been there and had repressed the memory. Finally, not knowing if she is guilty or innocent, crazy or sane, she confided her fears to detective Jake Kelly.

Jake wanted to believe she was innocent, but his investigations proved that everything she had "seen" had been completely accurate. She had the most to gain and the most to lose. They both needed to know the truth...but truth brought danger.

The mists and fogs of the Rockies, the shifting play of light and shadow ... the imagination could easily conjure apparitions from the enchanted air that swirled around The Stanley Hotel. ROCKY MOUNTAIN MAGIC . . . all it takes is an open heart.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I enjoyed writing this book so much...partly because the Stanley Hotel rolled out the red carpet and let us spend several weekends there as their guests and partly because it was #2 of a series and the other books were written by two very close friends. I dedicated this to Emma and Jan, both of whom were very talented authors and wonderful pals...and are sorely missed.

On-line romances can be a great way to fall in love - or to get into trouble.

Abby Harris had never been impetuous - until she escaped to Antarctica to marry a man whose words had won her heart, but whose face she'd never seen and whose voice she'd never heard. 

A sight-unseen love affair had its surprises, though. Abby got one when she and her wilting wedding bouquet deplaned in the frozen tundra and fell into the arms of Prescott Roberts, the egotistical scientist from her office - powerfully transformed into an officer and a gentleman.

She'd never cared for his arrogant manner. He'd never cared for her ice-princess coolness. Neither believed in destiny - but they believed in a deal. Dealmaking was a risky business, though, when the bargaining table was the marriage bed.

(Originally titled Destiny’s Lady) When you manipulate someone’s future, you need to be prepared for the consequences. 

They called her Madame Destiny. Who would have guessed that the flashy raven-haired beauty was really sweet, quiet strawberry-blond Cindy Carroll? It was fun playing fortune teller for charity . . . until Nick Wainwright appeared in her crystal ball. He'd been her crush since high school. And he'd just become her boss. Clearly Nick was intrigued by the exotic gypsy who predicted true love . . . then led him straight into Cindy's arms. Suddenly the man she'd admired from afar was reaching out for her love. Destiny had brought them together, but would the truth drive them apart?

It was a long time since Sunny Day's last hit record and high time for the ravishing county -and-western singer to make her comeback.

Long ago she'd traded thoughts of lasting romance for bright lights, fame, and applause.  But when she was offered the chance to tour with Texas heartthrob Dillon Landry, the country's hottest new star, she found she had much more than music on her mind.  Still, a seasoned veteran, she wasn't about to wear her heart on her sleeve even as the rest of her ached to cling to Dillon.  He was a devastatingly handsome, talented young man.  She was the glamorous "older woman".  These were their golden days.  And it was dangerous even to dream they could last forever.  

This is the highly acclaimed sequel to ANOTHER SUNNY DAY and prequel to BORN TO BE WILD.  

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​Classic Romance Novels

He shouldn't have survived. . . not the crash landing in the Vietnamese jungle nor the years of backbreaking labor. But the painfully thin man with the arresting blue eyes had paid a high price for survival. 

The man Melora Delaney faced across a rice paddy, the man she was to bring back to America, had lost his youth and his memory. As a psychologist she couldn't restore Bo's lost years, but she could help him begin life again.

Melora planned two months of intensive work with her patient. But then she came to know the man, who existence was a miracle of strength and will. When the time came ... and it would ... would she be able to let him go?

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: When I wrote KISSED BY AN ANGEL, Scott's RIO and best friend was supposed to be dead. But he spoke to me in a dream, telling me not only was he alive, but he was still lost in the jungles of Vietnam and didn't know who he was or where he was supposed to be. That created the question of what would a person do who has amnesia and doesn't remember anything of his past, including where he was, why he was there and where was he supposed to be? I came to the conclusion that he wouldn't likely try to escape if he had no idea what was on the other side of that jungle. Instead, he would be living in limbo, waiting for something or someone to help him. Before KISSED was even completed, Bo had told me his story, and I had to write it down so he would not be forgotten. I truly believe there are Americans who were...or still are...surviving, waiting for us to bring them home. 

And the story didn't end with Bo because Hawk then demanded to have his own book. Look for the third in the Angel series ANGEL OF MERCY, also available for Kindle. Whether you were Vietnam era or not, these stories will make you laugh and cry and understand the depths of wounds a war can cause.

A private investigator out to collect divorce evidence becomes more and more attracted to her unsuspecting prey. Kelly McClain is hired to get the "goods" on wandering husband, Adam Davis. Although the attraction is immediate for both of them, Kelly is fighting both professional and personal battles. She doesn't get involved with clients or subjects under investigation . . . and definitely not married men. In this romantic comedy set against the steamy tropical backdrop of Orlando and DisneyWorld, Kelly must struggle against this handsome cheater's considerable charms while trying to do her job and keep her integrity. 

He had the wildness of the prairie in his eyes...the gentleness of a lover in his lips. And on that fateful day at Little Big Horn, Cody took Elizabeth Lawrence captive without firing a shot.

Elizabeth searched high and low for the raven-haired stranger after their timeless encounter. When she met him by chance, she almost wished he was the ghost she'd believed him to be.

Descended from the great chief Sitting Bull, John Cody was as ferociously proud of his Indian heritage as Elizabeth was of her ancestor, George Custer.

A hundred years after the most famous battle of the West, was there any hope that the descendants of two bitter enemies could at last make peace?

In this modern-day Romeo & Juliet tale, Cody and Elizabeth must defy generations of bad blood and families who cannot accept the possibility of their romance. Can the star-crossed lovers survive a war that still rages?

An unexpected pregnancy irrevocably alters the lives of a charming pediatrician and a disillusioned divorcee. Jessica Scott was willing to assume all the risks and responsibilities alone. But when Mark Kendrick discovers her secret, he is equally determined to share the new life the'd created together. What should have brought them closer together drove them further apart until there was nothing left but two broken hearts.

When Suzanne Quinn was sixteen she thought Andy Dallas was the most gorgeous, fabulously sexy guy in the world. Someday, she fantasized, she and the lead singer of the rock group Satisfaction would meet . . . meet and fall deliriously in love.

But that was a long time ago, and now she was escorting her teenage daughter's friends to the group's reunion concert. Amidst a sea of rollicking teenyboppers, she felt completely out of place . . . until Andy walked on stage. When he began to sing, the music wrapped itself around her like it was yesterday.

She got more than she bargained for . . . a date with the man of her dreams. And soon, her fantasy would pale in the strength of his arms and the darkness of a Tucson night.

But even though he made her feel like a teenager again, Suzanne is a thirty-something mother who had a business and a life that firmly grounded her to reality. Is it possible for her teenage dreams to become a reality or must she accept that she is a grown woman who must let her past go? 

Julie's whole life rode on an exquisite antique carousel. It was her legacy, her future, and all her hope. And his Galveston bank was her only chance to raise the money she needed to buy and restore it. One look at blue-eyed silver-blond Julie Lafferty and Ryan Parker was willing to gamble his job on the risky loan . . . if she'd accompany him to New Orleans to attend a banquet and see the carousel. Julie couldn't afford to reject his offer . . . or his implicit promise to restore her battered heart. But she'd been badly hurt before. Could she trust Ryan? Was this part of a new beginning or just another ride on the old merry-go-round of love?

Originally published as "Carousel of Love".

Though known to millions as a "cowboy's cowboy," city slicker and famous western writer Matt Montana had never actually even ridden a horse. When hit with writer's block, he decided to find his muse by secretly getting his first real western experience at the Rocky K Ranch in Colorado. But when he met Jamie Kimball, the rancher's daughter, she turned out to be a real burr in this macho man's saddle. 

Back in the days when men were men, women weren't like Matt's sassy, sexy trail guide. First, Jamie assigned him a homicidal horse. Then she snickered at his run-ins with small, crazed wildlife. 

But worst of all, her long-legged charms tempted this lone desperado to open his heart and learn how to love. And Montana began to believe this was how the West was really won. 

Classic Romance

What do you do when the choice you made was the wrong one? During the war, Jeff Hawkins's tenderness had been nurse Angela's sanctuary from the horrors of Vietnam, and his passion had been their salvation. 

But Jeff had been wounded long before a bullet brought him to the EVAC hospital. Fearless, with nothing to lose, Jeff was the kind of soldier to whom they awarded Purple Hearts . . . posthumously.

Years later, when he encountered Angela again at a veterans' reunion, she could no longer pretend that the madness of war had triggered their brief, all-consuming alliance.

Could they have a second chance? Or had she forfeited any claim to Jeff's love when she did the unforgivable . . . married his best friend? Not all wounds are visible . . . and not all wounds can be healed by the soft touch of a nurse's hands. But Angela knew he was worth fighting for . . . and Jeff was tired of fighting.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This book burst full blown from a dream. I loved writing every word and had a great time picking the perfect songs to open each chapter. ASCAP wouldn't let me use the words without paying a gazillion dollars in royalties, so I chose titles that would invoke the mood and atmosphere of each chapter that followed. Angela and Hawk were such wonderful, but heart-breaking characters. He was a great hero, and she was the perfect person to help him heal. This was the final book in the ANGEL trilogy, with KISSED BY AN ANGEL and PHANTOM ANGEL preceding it. I lived with them for years, and I will truly miss having them in my daily thoughts.

As guardian of a menagerie of wild animals, veterinarian Jenny Grant loved her life. The day that marine biologist Garrett Reid first met her she was knee-deep in the surf, caring for a beached dolphin. Garrett was intrigued by the stubborn beauty who could soothe the wildest beast. Although his research project on the Texas Gulf Coast would last only a few weeks, he planned to spend every spare minute with Jenny. Garrett had always been a wanderer. In less than a month, his sailboat would be motoring out of the harbor and heading southeast. Until then, there was only the sultry heat of a South Texas summer . . . and the sensual rhythm of two hearts beating as one. If Jenny wasn't careful, she could end up falling in love with this golden-haired man. And she knew better than to lose her heart to a man who was born to be wild. Garrett prefers the water and Jenny is tied to the land. She wonders if he can give up his dreams of travel to far away places. He wonders if she can ever form a permanent relationship because it seems so easy for her to give up the animals she loves. If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, then it's yours forever. Will Garrett come back? 

Sarah and Sunny – the Day sisters – identical twins, a dazzling mirror image. It was Sunny who had all the talent and success as a singer. Sarah preferred to work behind the scenes as her sister’s tour assistant. But Sarah is ready to stop touring and make a life of her own. When Sunny commits to a publicity stunt of riding on a trail ride, she begs her sister to take her place, and Sarah reluctantly agrees. Sarah loves horses, and it sounds like a fun adventure.

How could Sarah know that the moment she landed in Houston bewigged, made-up, dressed in Sunny’s typical over-the-top country siren’s costume, a craggy knight in Levi’s and a cowboy hat would hand her a challenge. Tyler Ross dared the “spoiled superstar” to survive the ordeal. How could he know that horses and ranching were more Sarah’s style than star trips? How could she tell him without giving away the masquerade and ruining her sister’s career?

Read Sunny’s story in the sequel GOLDEN DAYS.

Contemporary Romance

When Kate Cramer's husband died in a helicopter crash, the timing couldn't have been worse. Not only is she six months pregnant with her first child, but their transport company, C-Breeze is near bankruptcy and she has no one to fly the remaining helicopter. 

Rusty Russell, temporarily visiting the small Texas town, offers to help her out, promising to stay long enough to get the business back off the ground. His skills as a pilot, a mechanic and a salesman save the day, and as he and Kate work together, they form a strong bond of friendship...a friendship that was tested when he was at her side as her baby arrived.

But what felt like a beautiful beginning was shattered by a fierce hurricane and a shocking discovery that threatened to take away everything Kate...and Rusty have grown to love.

Kristi Harrison loved her job as a flight attendant for Worldwide Airlines until a crash killed her fiancee and her best friend. Unable to deal with survivor's guilt, she escaped to a friend's beach house in Florida were she hoped to find the one thing that had eluded her for the past six months...peace.

When nightmares drove her from her bed, she sought the quiet of the moonlit beach. It was there that Scott Sanders, driven by his own midnight demons, first met her. He was living in his own hell, trying to deal with a plane crash in the jungles of Vietnam that has taken his best friend and RIO...while Scott was the pilot. 

They had both been kissed by the angel of death and survived. Together they learn how to forgive without forgetting and how to move forward and learn to celebrate life.


When five-year-old Whitney Sloane took a shine to her kindergarten teacher, Miss Greene, it spelled trouble for her handsome dad.

Whitney thought Allison Greene would make a great mom. she had only one problem...getting her lonely dad and her lovely teacher together.

Justin Sloane couldn't understand why his once perfect daughter had cut off another girl's braid or why she had put Mr. Wiggly Nose and Snow White, the classroom rabbits, into the same cage so that they made little bunnies while the whole class watched in fascination...until he met Whitney's idol at the PTA. Suddenly life became wonderfully frustrating for this single father.

How could Justin make the grade with the delightful Miss Greene when she wouldn't dream of breaking the rules and dating a student's parent?

The Ultimate Cinderella Story

A random act of thoughtfulness - a stranger's kind bequest - and Shelly Lowell zoomed from rags to riches. Suddenly, this single mother's money woes were history. She felt as though she'd stepped into the Cinderella role in her daughter's school play.

A Temporary Twist of Fate

Jim Mitchell knew he'd been swindled out of his inheritance - bamboozled by a conniving fairy-tale floozy. And this playboy extraordinaire aimed to try every trick in the book to reclaim what was rightfully his. Even if it meant wooing it away from an unsuspecting Cinderella!

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This book was based on an actual event I read about in the newspaper...with a great deal of literary liberties, of course. I must thank my wonderful husband for all his input about railroads and for his extreme support.

Lauren Nelson was expecting a baby. What she wasn't expecting was a man in her life. When the lovely widow decided to go through with the artificial insemination she and her husband had planned, she thought she had everything under control. She had carefully selected the donor for his intelligence, his character, his similarity in appearance to her husband and his anonymity. But a mix up in the lab casts doubt on whose sperm was actually used, and suddenly there was a possibiity there was a very real man involved who wanted the child as much as Lauren did. He just doesn't want Lauren.

And she doesn't want him. With her deceased husband still very much alive in her heart and her thoughts, she wasn't ready to fall in love again. All she wanted was to create a wonderful life for her child and to have a successful florist shop. But Dr. Jordan Daniels doesn't cooperate. In fact, nothing he does fit into her carefully planned pregnancy. And worst of all, he won't go away. 

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This book was written because my readers demanded it. After the controversy of an earlier book, PASSION AND POSSESSION, the feedback from my fans inspired me to write this book about two compelling, but stubborn people who have their whole lives planned...except for the tiny twist of fate that binds them forever. I'm confident this book will satisfy even the most critical of my readers. Enjoy!

It was the chance of a lifetime. Elissa Stewart was one of the first private citizens chosen by NASA for space travel. But Elissa hadn't expected Greg Rogers. Lean and handsome, the commander wanted no part of civilians on board his flight . . . especially her. Elissa soon learned his anger masked a far deeper emotion, an overwhelming attraction for her. But emotional ties between astronauts were forbidden by the high command. Elissa and Greg broke all the rules, risking scandal and Elissa's chance to realize her dream. She'd gambled everything to fly high in the sky . . . would she give that up for the splendor of love?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This book was formerly titled A HINT OF SPLENDOR and was written prior to the Challenger tragedy. I researched it extensively, so all of the NASA and shuttle information is absolutely accurate. I was even lucky enough to meet the finalists of the Teacher in Space program. I considered not releasing this book because of its sensitive subject matter, but the story is very good and there are so many interesting facts about the program that I believe this book is worth your time. It will touch you and it will teach you. Discover the splendor.