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Room Service Series

​​ ​Room Service delivers anything you want...no limits.

When Samantha Ingalls checks into the Fantasy Suite at the exclusive Fini Luxury Resort & Spa near Aspen, Colorado, she is struggling to get over a painful divorce. All she wants is to hide away and be pampered at the five-star hotel. What she doesn’t expect is a gorgeous, charming gigolo who knows exactly how to make her wildest fantasies come true.

Frisco Thorne has spent the last few years focused on work. After another failed relationship, he decides to make a dramatic lifestyle change. Being a gigolo is every man’s secret fantasy...lots of sex and no responsibilities.

Samantha and Frisco don’t fight the strong attraction that starts in the elevator and barely makes it to the bedroom. For the rest of the weekend, they explore every inch of each other’s bodies and delight in discovering new ways to create sexual pleasure. They make sure they make enough memories to last a lifetime, since there's no future for them outside the Fantasy Suite...or is there?

Contemporary Erotic Romance

CAUTION: Explicit sexual behavior and graphic language (Purchase by anyone under the age of 18 is prohibited)

Dr. Adam King is a brilliant physician and researcher. He’s also a cocky bastard who has been sent to the Fini Luxury Resort and Spa for a sensitivity class. When given the opportunity to be a Dom to a first-time Sub, he upgrades his reservation.

Dr. Whitney Grant is a well-respected pediatrician who needs to escape from the pressures of her job. For once, she wants someone else to make all the decisions while she fulfills her wildest sexual fantasies as a Submissive. 

Together they explore the sensuous world of BDSM game play. When their weekend of erotic sex is interrupted by an unexpected emergency, Whitney is forced to break the fantasy of the Master Suite and run away.

They meet in the Master Suite for a weekend neither of them will ever forget.

MASTER SUITE is the second book in the Room Service Series, but it stands alone. It contains non-stop sexual erotic action and romance with light BDSM as Adam shows Whitney, a first-time Sub, the ropes. It has a happy-for-now or possibly forever ending.

Room Service 

The fini Resort and Spa, high in the Rocky Mountains overlooking Aspen, Colorado is where the Love Boat meets Fantasy Island.